What Professional Coaches Need Most Is a Reliable Assessment Instrument

Life Coaching in contrast to Executive Coaching is comprised mostly of persons who are not trained or licensed in psychotherapy, mental health or organizational development. Therefore, Life Coaches are less likely to have any type of theory, curricula or assessment instruments for use in their practices.

One of the many consequences of this lack of substantive training and coaching material is a tendency to be trapped in an average yearly income range of less than $30,000. Fortunately, many Life Coaches are basically more interested in helping others than earning additional income.

Take a look at the list of niches that are considered as areas of specializations for Life Coaches:

Personal life coaching

Relationship coach

Breakup coach

Communication coach

Sales coach

Executive coach

Lifestyle design coach

Spiritual coach

Career coach

Goal setting coach

Mental strength coach

Fitness coach

How long will it take to masters any of these areas?

Average Length of Study for Certification in Life Coaching

Depending on the program, life coaching training can take anywhere from 16 to 100 hours to complete. You will find traditional colleges that offer life coaching as part of their curriculum. However, many life coaching certification programs are offered online and provide courses, class materials and professional coaching tools over the Internet

Life coaching training programs focus a large part of their training on communication, teaching students the tools and concepts needed to help motivate clients to take action in achieving their goals. Typical course work in a life coaching certification program involves the following:

Results-driven life coaching and the life coaching process

Effective communication techniques

Goal setting and action steps

Developing professional client/coach relationships

Record keeping and confidentiality


Business topics for building a life coaching practice

A careful review of the trainings listed above clearly indicate that there are no assessments nor specific curricula included in theses trainings. This void in tools makes it extremely difficult to establish any type of credibility that can be objectively demonstrated via Pre and Post Tests.

The most useful instrument to increase the credibility and scope of practice for coaches is the Bar On EQi 2.0 Emotional Intelligence Assessment. Any Coach can make this assessment available to all of his or her clients via e-mail. Certified Bar On Assessment Professionals can administer and interpret this assessment for any referrals.

After your client completes the 30-minute assessment he and she can download his report. This report includes the results of 15 Emotional Intelligence scales. In addition, it contains a section on goals and actions that need to be taken to reach those goals.

The Coach receives access to the Client Report as well as the Coach Report. The coach report includes follow-up questions for the Coach to review with his client. This report also explains how to debrief the client on the meaning of each of the scales on his report. More important for Coaches is the step by step explanation of how to assist the client in accomplishing his or her goals.

In summary, what Life Coaches need to add credibility to their practice as well as increase their income is the Bar On EQi 2.0 Assessment for use with each client. Finally, The EQ Edge is excellent for use by the Coach and the Client in mastering Emotional Intelligence and the Bar On EQi 2.0 Assessment.

For a list of Certified Bar On Assessment Professionals, contact

George Anderson, BCD, CBOAP








  1. I agree that emotional intelligence is key to determining a clients ability to effectively progress in a coaching environment. It sounds like you may be referring to a concept made popular by a book by Daniel Goleman, based on years of research by numerous reputable scientists. It is encouraged that this test and similar should be implemented as a tool.

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