Coaching for Emotional Intelligence/Impulse Control is the latest Celebrity Trend

Civility Training for Attorneys, Executive Coaching for Emotional Intelligence and Coaching for “disruptive physicians” have gone a long ways in making intervention for anger management acceptable if not a new sign of status.

Sports figures, the Hollywood elite as well as discrete politicians are quietly seeking Emotional Intelligence Coaching for Impulse Control/Anger Management. Since Emotional Intelligence Coaching does not have any stigmas attached, it has no negatives. High profile clients who may consider counseling or psychotherapy or even anger management as negative are more open to Emotional Intelligence Coaching.

This new Coaching for self-control consists of the Bar On EQi Emotional Intelligence Assessment, The Practice of Control client workbook, DVDs as well as the popular Contrasting Wheels of Behavior. Coaching can be scheduled live and via phone.

George Anderson, MSW, BCD, CAMF



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