A Formula For Financial Success as a Marriage, Family, Therapists

The prospects of earning enough income as a Managed Health Care provider to support either an individual or a family is not realistic. It is relatively easy for most MFTs nationwide to get on panels. In fact, Managed Health Care is more interested in including MFTs as panel providers rather than Psychologists who are paid slightly more. While being in Private Practice offers status and prestige, the income is not great enough for survival.

Emotional Intelligence Assessments, especially the Bar On EQi is virtually all cash and there are no insurance hassles to deal with. By incorporating Emotional Intelligence in your private practice, coaching or anger management programs, you can easily increase your practice income from $1,000 to $3, 000 per month just for the assessment and debriefing. This added service will likely increase your client population.

The process of including Emotional Intelligence Assessments and debriefing into your practice, here is a list of things to do:

  1. Decide today to increase your practice income by increasing the services you offer.
  2. Use all forms of media include press releases, linked in, face book, twitter, goggle ads and every other resources for marketing.
  3. Develop a workplace blog that focuses on Emotional Intelligence Assessments, debriefing and coaching.
  4. Provide a link like this one on your site: http://www.cgrowth.com/pdf/JaneDoe_Client_CG.pdf
  5. Establish an arrangement for Anderson & Anderson to provide your assessment needs by contacting George Anderson at 310-207-3591.
  6. Anderson & Anderson will market your website andersonservices.com
  7. Increased income possibilities for your practice: A). Anderson & Anderson will provide an on-line Bar On EQi Assessment for each of your clients. B). following the on-line the assessment, we will e-mail a copy of the Client Report to both you and your client. In addition, you will receive a Coach Report that details how to debrief the client and assist him or her in establishing coaching goals.
  8. Anderson & Anderson will charge you $150 for each assessment and recommend that you charge $250 for the assessment and whatever your fees are for coaching of psychotherapy.

Since adding this new service to your practice does not require any new investment, there is little to lose and a lot to gain.

George Anderson, MSW, BCD, CAMF

Bar On EQi Certified Provider









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