May Marks An Incredible Month At Anderson & Anderson

May 2012 marks a major shift in marketing the Anderson & Anderson Anger Management Facilitator Certification. Beginning in May, we listed all of our trainings on our website for May, June, July and August. This simple strategy is working well in all locations.


Bryan, my son and I are currently in San Jose California where we have just completed our first day of training. It is worth noting that three of those in attendance are from Canada. In recognition of our increasing popularity in Canada, we are planning to train in Ottawa in late August.

We have scheduled trainings for Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, Atlanta and San Juan PR. We are working to schedule trainings in New York City and Albany in September.

We are excited to announce that we will soon beginning offering Coaching for “disruptive physicians” for Kaiser Permanente in Oregon. This announcement comes at a time when our referrals of physicians are up for On-line trainings. George Anderson will be training in Hawaii on June 29 and in Pennsylvania the following week.

While in Oakland for the May training, Bryan and George met in Oakland, CA. with Mrs. Jill Reed, MTI, who is Director of Development for East Bay Children’s Agency. Anderson & Anderson is collaborating East Bay on a grant from Alameda County for the development of a special curriculum for young adolescents males who have experienced trauma that may have lead to over or misdiagnoses leading to inappropriate treatment.

Please send us your suggested listing for our website to George Anderson at

George Anderson, CAMF




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