Anger Management Coaching As A Nice Income Stream For Counselors

Many LCSWs, MFTs, LPCs, Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Substance Abuse Counselors have and continue to provide anger management “treatment” without training, curriculum or content. In fact, anger management is neither an elective nor a required course in the training offered for any of the professions listed above.

Unfortunately, doing your own thing relative to anger management is not producing income nor gaining recognition from mental health, social service or substance agencies. Probation, Parole and the Criminal Justice Industry has now begun to demand “Certification in Anger Management” (CAMF) for organizations seeking grants or contracting opportunities to provide anger management to at risk youth, incarcerated defendants as well as paroles participating in reentry programs.

Many agencies and non-profit organization are losing contracts that have been long standing based on their failure to recognize the value of “evidenced based” anger management programs.

After considerable pressure from the American Psychological Association, the Group For The Advancement Of Psychiatry decided not to define anger as an illness. Therefore, anger will not be listed as DSM diagnosable disorder in the new DSM 5. This means that counseling, psychotherapy or process groups will no longer be accepted and a realistic response to problems in “impulse control”.

The most recognized and most endorsed anger management curriculum includes the Bar On EQ I Emotional Intelligence Assessment along with  client workbooks in Spanish and English based on self-awareness, self-control, social awareness, relationship management and skill enhancement in “impulse control”. This curriculum is popular with HR, volunteer and court referrals when offered in a coaching format with good results.

Finally, anger management coaching is not under the control of Managed Health Care. This gives Certified Anger Management Providers freedom to control the fees charged. With a minimum of ten clients enrolled in one class, with a fee of $25 per session, it is reasonable to receive an average of $250 per hour with no reports nor billing nor humiliation from some Managed Health Organization.




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