Emotional Intelligence Coaching For Skill Enhancement In Interpersonal Relationships

Anderson & Anderson, APC is Certified by Multi Health Systems to administer and interpret the internationally recognized Bar On EQ-I Assessment. In addition, this instrument is used by Anderson & Anderson as an adjunct for coaching “disruptive physicians” as well as the general public.

The BarOn EQ-i measures one’s ability to deal with daily stresses, demands and pressures, and helps predict one’s success in both professional and personal relationships. The feedback can help you determine what you need to work on to increase your success at work and in interpersonal relationships.

The BarOn EQ-i is an excellent instrument for self-growth and as an adjunct to the coaching process. It can also be used in employee development programs and to aid in the hiring decisions. Research indicates that there is a strong correlation between emotional intelligence and job performance, making the BarOn EQ-i the ideal screening tool to aid in selecting potentially successful employees.

The BarOn EQ-i includes four validity measures and a reliable correction factor rendering scores for the following components;

Intrapersonal Scales


Emotional Self-Awareness




Interpersonal Scales


Social Responsibility

Interpersonal Relationship

Adaptability Scales

Reality Testing


Problem Solving

Stress Management Scales

Stress Tolerance

Impulse Control

General Mood Scales



Skills associated with emotional intelligence are acquired and can be improved through training, making the BarOn EQ-i an incredible instrument for identifying potential areas for improvement and for measuring the effectiveness of organizational development programs.

Cost of assessment: $150

Two hour feedback  $250



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