Emotional Intelligence Increases Popularity/Interpersonal Relationships

Affluent adolescents are enrolling in Emotional Intelligence Courses to increase their popularity especially with the opposite sex. Given the evidence of emotional intelligence as a key factor in interpersonal relationships, it stands to reason that individual popularity can easily be seen a bi-product of an experience in Coaching For Emotional Intelligence.

Although we use these skills in our relationships every day, we can always improve them. As we improve our emotional intelligence and relating skills all our relationships can get better.

Case Study

Sarah is an attractive 17 -year -old female who is an only child who has been accepted to two of the top tens universities in the U.S. She and her parents are wealthy and live in Beverly Hills. Sarah reports that she has never learned to share with others and is used to being the center of attraction of her parents since birth.

Her plans are to live in the dorms during her freshman year of college. Her current friends, her mother and Sarah are concerned over her tendency to push others away based on her lack of self-awareness, passive aggressive communication style, lack of social awareness and low empathy skills.

Sarah was an excellent coaching student. Her scores were low on the Bar On i 2.0 Assessment in self-awareness, self-control, social awareness and relationship management as well as impulse control. Her actual scores were consistent with her presenting concerns prior to enrolling in the coaching.

This young women made excellent use of the 10 session coaching and reported later that her first year of college went well as the result of the changes she made. she has been an advocate this coaching for anyone who wants to improve their skills in emotional intelligence.

George Anderson, CAMF



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