Pre, Post and 360 degree Assessments are by far more reliable in coaching than “powerful questions”

An evidenced based approach to track the benefits (or lack thereof) associated with coaching is through the use of assessments. Assessments conducted at the beginning of a coaching program help focus the goal-setting process, and retesting using the same instrument at a later date can determine the extent to which progress was made.

Three-hundred-and-sixty-degree feedback, for example, has become almost synonymous with emotional intelligence coaching. Assessments that compare self-perceptions and the perceptions of others can provide invaluable information for the leader or physician who needs a better understanding of how his or her behavior affects others (Nowack,2007). The 360 degree EQ-i-2.0 assessment is the new standard in the internationally recognized Anderson & Anderson, APC Emotional Intelligence Coaching Program for leadership and impulse control.

Other assessments such as ones that measure personality, interests, values, and health can also be used. The critical lesson for coaches is to administer these assessments in a pre- and post-test format. Otherwise, it is impossible to tease out whether it was coaching or some other factor that was responsible for the assessment scores.

Finally, your clients’ success in coaching can be an incredible endorsement of your coaching model. To review or download copies of the EQ-i-2.0 that is used in all Anderson & Anderson, APC coaching programs, click here:

George Anderson, MSW, CAMF, BCD

Diplomate, American Association of Anger Management Providers


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