On-line Anger Management Classes undermine professionalism

On-line Anger Management Classes cheapens the legitimacy of Anger Management as a discipline

Anger Management is a favorite scam for Internet pirates. Since there are no laws in any state regulating the practice of anger management services, opportunists are free to market and sell cheap, inexpensive and worthless On-line Anger Management Classes to an unsuspecting public.

Judges and Court Officers lack the staff, knowledge or resources to determine the credibility of completion certificates and other documents used to claim attendance in Court Mandated Anger Management Courses

California State Superior Courts lead the nation in listing standards for Anger Management Facilitators. Here is a list of requirements of Court Acceptable Anger Management Providers in California:

  • All providers must have 40 hours of training and Certification in Anger Management.
  • Must use client workbooks designed to teach skills in self-awareness, self-control, social awareness and relationship management.
  • Must use objective Emotional Intelligence Assessments.
  • The Assessment must provide a MAP that identifies the clients’ level of Emotional Intelligence skills in the recognizing and managing stress, anger, communication and emotional intelligence.
  • Must offer Post Tests to determines each participants level of success.

One way that consumers can protect themselves from On-line anger management scams is to check with the court to determine if a particular On-line class in question is acceptable to the court. Once the court is aware that the course is On-line, the answer will always be no.

George Anderson, BCD