Emotional Self-Awareness Is A Key Factor In Anger Management

It is generally agreed that anger is a secondary emotion. There is always some other emotion that precedes the feeling of anger. The most common antecedents of anger include stress, anxiety, fear, depression, fatigue or hurt.

If we can learn to recognize and label our feelings, this awareness will give us time to determine how best to respond to feelings of anger. Anger is a normal human emotion. Anger is a signal of perceived danger. Everyone gets angry from time to time. Anger is a problem when it is too intense, occurs too frequently, lasts too long, leads to aggression or violence, impacts health, causes problems at work or school or destroys interpersonal relationships.

The way one responds to feelings of anger is learned generally from our families of origin. This is significant because any behavior that is learned can be unlearned and skill enhancement in emotional intelligence can be taught.

Emotional Intelligence skill enhancement for impulse control is emerging as the most promising intervention for coaches, counselors, psychologists, clinical social workers, human resource managers as well as the criminal justice system. Since Emotional Intelligence coaching include pre and post assessments, evidence of success or lack of success can be determined for each participant.

The American Association of Anger Management Providers is the official voice of professional providers of anger management in the U.S. This organization is sponsoring its first national conference on anger management in Los Angeles, Ca. on August 23, 24, 2014 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

For more information, click here: http://www.aaamp.org or contact Leah Bowman at 310-207-3591.

The New Website of The American Association of Anger Management Providers has been launched.

The AAAMP is the official voice of anger management worldwide. If you are interested in emotional intelligence, communication, stress management, anger management, psychotherapy of conflict resolution, please take a close look at this awesome website and consider joining us and listing your practice on this popular site.

Emotional Intelligence Coaching for impulse control is one of the fastest growing interventions currently available in Human Resources, Social Services and Well-Being services for executives, middle managers and line staff in the nation.

The American Association of Anger Management Providers advocates well-being services including civility for attorneys and coaching for disruptive physicians as well as employees at all levels.

Please visit our website at: http://aaamp.org/and join us today.

George Anderson, MSW, CAMF

Diplomate, American Association of Anger Management Providers


Please join our new linkedin group, Emotional Intelligence/Anger Management for Coaching.

If you are not already a member of linkedin, you can join free by simply searching for linkedin sign up and putting in the requested information. Linkedin has 70 million members and is a must for all professionals.

If you wish, you can send an email to George Anderson at georgeanderson@aol.com and will quickly invite you to join linked making the process easier.

Our new Emotional Intelligence/Anger Management Coaching will focus on coaching, emotional intelligence, anger management and useful information to increase your competence in thease areas.

George Anderson


Emotional Intelligence & Anger Management is an awesome combination

Organizational Training: Emotional Intelligence/Anger Management


Organizational Training: Emotional Intelligence/Anger Management

This new comprehensive power point CD contains a detailed outline for Organizational Training designed for business, industry and healthcare organizations. Organizational Training is a cost saving intervention which reduces workplace tension and improves work performance.

It can and should be marketed to organizations interested in addressing the issue of violence prevention in the workplace as well as hostile workplace environments. Providers using this model can earn from $1500 to $15,000 for a four hour presentation.

Each CD comes with a complimentary copy of The Practice of Control, the popular Anderson & Anderson client workbook for Executive Coaching Clients. In addition, a sample proposal for Organizational Training is included. The length of training can be customized for use with small groups of 10-25 for one to four hours.

For a limited time, this incredible new CD will be offered for $149.00.

George Anderson
Anderson & Anderson

Increase Your Internet Presence

Together, Anderson & Anderson Certified Anger Management Providers can dramatically increase their Internet Presence by marketing our provider list: http://www.angermanagementcertification.com/contact.htm

Please also link to our live training for Merced, Oakland, Los Angeles and Chicago:


The Anderson & Anderson Emotional Intelligence and Anger Management Curricula are expanding at a rapid rate worldwide.

George Anderson

2012 Is Shaping Up To Be An Incredible Year For Anger Management

In less than one month, orders for anger management books, DVDs, CDs, Live and On-line Training, Posters and other ancillary training material have increased dramatically. In addition, there is something else happening relative to the increase in professionalism and marketing prowess.

Here are some of the interesting new developments:

  • Co-sponsored trainings are being planned for Oakland, Houston and Atlanta as well as Sacramento.
  • Interest in membership in the American Association Of Anger Management Providers has experienced an increased  in membership requests along with voluntary interest in advocacy.
  • Free marketing sites such as The Anger Management Resource Directory is offering free listings for any and all Anger Management Providers. This site is owned by Anderson & Anderson and is heavily marketed on the Internet.
  • George Anderson has joined 50 groups on LInked in including marketing, anger management , emotional intelligence and coaching groups. We heavily market the practice of anger management on these sites.
  • The popularity of the new Bar On EQ 2.0 Emotional Intelligence Assessment that is now the official assessment instrument for all Anderson & Anderson Facilitators is proving to be a real incentive for clients to invest in Anger Management Coaching.

As a courtesy to the professional anger management community, Anderson & Anderson has decided to devote one day each week to Tips on Marketing Anger Mangement Classes.

George Anderson

Anderson & Anderson Selected to Provide Individual Emotional Intelligence/Anger Management for Mid-level Management at Kaiser Permanente

Anderson & Anderson is already the largest provider of Executive Coaching/Anger Management in the nation as well as the preferred provider of coaching for “disruptive physicians” at Kaiser Permanente.
This new service agreement with Kaiser will dramatically expands the exposure of emotional intelligence/anger management to the workforce in California as well as the nation. In addition, it expands the reach of Anderson & Anderson in the area of preventing and addressing workplace aggressions, stress and tension.
This announcement coupled with our overwhelmingly successful January Facilitator Certification indicates that 2010 will be a good year for the emerging new intervention of emotional intelligence/anger management.

George Anderson
Anderson & Anderson