Local Television station heavily promotes Anderson & Anderson anger management program.

Founders of ZTV Jamie & GLoria Cooper

Anger Management Advocates:

Every state should make Anger Management & Conflict Resolution mandatory if divorcing with children. The typical scenario of a married couple, best friend, affair, divorce then control, jealousy and arguing while a child becomes a pawn- happens way too often!

I divorced my wife in 1995 or should I say she divorced me after having an affair with my best friend. They married soon after. Gloria and I married in 1999 and suddenly co-parenting became obsolete. My son was six and making or being included in any decision in his life had become non-existent. It got to the point that even when we agreed on a decision, another decision was implemented. Note to any person in the same situation do not let it slide. File contempt charges early so it does not continue to escalate into the teen years-because it will.

After years of arguing and bad behavior on all parties involved I exploded in a phone conversation to my son who was fourteen that my ex set up to record. I played right into her hands. She angered me, controlled me and she and my son knew how to push my buttons. Years of manipulation and lack of respect came out- it was ugly. I had not yet learned that I had the control over my anger.

After volunteering to attend Anger Management classes with Frank Morales ( Family Services Center) – You always want to volunteer before being forced, my life had changed. Not only my life but my wife, Gloria’s, as well. My former wife no longer pushes my buttons! Although requests for conflict resolution to my ex-wife were ignored & we still can’t seem to agree anything in life is better than ever. I encourage everyone to attend the classes. I did for 13 weeks and upon graduating Gloria joined me and we continued to attend for an additional three months. Don’t ever be ashamed to attend a class-you will be amazed at the people you will meet. Since Frank’s class we have moved and prospered in all aspects of our life. We are free!

If you can’t have a civil conversation with a particular person (ex or not) or you have parental input and feel as if you are going to explode-run to a class. It is now our intent to help many avoid the same mistakes, patterns, manipulation, attacks, complaints and self destruction that we’ve experienced. At all cost don’t let those who anger you control you!

“Getting angry is human-learning how to react is brilliant.”

Jamie Cooper.

Frank Morales has been a certified Anderson & Anderson Anger management facilitator since 2003.

About the Coopers

Since January 2003, WTZT-TV in Athens, AL, Known as ZTV 11, has been local and lovin’ it with the shows that focus on local people and places in the Tennesse Valley, Jamie and Gloria Cooper of Jamie Cooper Television Inc. own and operate ZTV-H as well as host and produce the morning show, Cooper & Company.

Jamie has been a fixture in local television for 33 years in North Alabama, and Gloria for tha last seven. Jamie started in Huntsville television in 1974 when he worked for Education Television ( E-TV), and then moved to WAAY-TV in 1975. He worked at WAAY-TV for 17 yearsin a variety of positions and hosted the WAAY Too Early show, then later went to start Cooper & Company in 1999 that aired on WHDF-TV in Florence and on WAFF-TV in Huntsville.

What Jamie is most remembered for was his segment on the WAAY-TV 6pm newscast, ‘Country Rover’, which ran on the WAAY-TV 6pm newscast, ‘Country Rover’, which ran in the late 1970’s to early 1990s. This segment featured local people ask Jamie about those segments. Jamie continues that tradition of focusing on local news (ZNN) and events at ZTV with programming such as Cooper & Company.  Health, home improvement, and area church shows, Cooper & Company airs live Tuesday through Friday at 6am and replays nightly at 9pm. The Country Rover Classics air Mondays at 6am & 9pm. This memorable show highlights what ZTV-11 is all about..local people and places that are a part of our community.

WTZT-TV also known as ZTV

For more information about how to either be a guest on Cooper & Company or advertise with the station, please contact Gloria or Jamie Cooper at (256) 603-4848, gloriacooper@knology.net, ztv@jamiecoopercooper.com, or online at www.jamiecooper.com .