Anger Management Certification Training Breaks All Records

This weeks’ Three Day Anger Management Facilitator Certification Training at Anderson & Anderson was the largest three day Anderson & Anderson training ever. If this is an indication of what’s to come, anger management will continue to be one of the hottest trends in human services for 2010.

This training was actually over subscribed resulting in eight persons being turned away. Participants represented a wider range of disciplines including: psychoanalysis, marriage counseling, primary and secondary education, pastoral counseling, clinical social work and gang intervention.

While most attendees were from Korea, California, Maryland, Sacramento, Stockton, Pasadena and Rosemead as well as other cites in Los Angeles County.

All of the participants of this training joined the American Association of Anger Management Providers and all have agreed to become active members of the Anderson & Anderson network of Certified Anger Management Facilitators.

George Anderson, MSW, CAMF, BCD
George Anderson
Anderson & Anderson