What Can The National Basketball Association Learn From 

The American Medical Association?


After many years of denial and resistance regarding the problem of angry physicians and their impact on patient care, the American Medical Association in conjunction with the Joint Commission on The Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations finally issued a mandate for coaching “disruptive physicians“. This strategy has worked well for all concerned.


The time has come for the NBA Players Association, Coaches, Agents and the NBA to learn from the AMA how best to address the epidemic of anger and violence among players.


Anger is not an illness and therefore referring a player for counseling or psychotherapy for anger management is useless. Anger is a normal human emotion that is a problem when it occurs too frequently, lasts too long, leads to aggression or violence, impacts interpersonal relationships at work or causes health problems.


Coaching for “disruptive/angry physicians” is a positive intervention designed to recognize deficits in self-awareness, self-control, social awareness and relationship management. There are clearly no stigmas associated with Emotional Intelligence Coaching for impulse control.


Just like mastering the “free throw”, Emotional Intelligence Coaching begins with the internationally recognized Bar On EQ Emotional Intelligence Assessment and is followed by an action plan on a weekly or more frequent basis.


Players are used to coaching, and like physicians, are excellent in mastering the skills needed for maximum performance.


George Anderson, CAMF

Diplomate, American Association of Anger Management Providers

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