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In an effort to protect the integrity of our name, products and services, we have registered the Anderson & Anderson® name. All written references to the Anderson & Anderson® name will be followed by the registered symbol above. Our services and products will be followed by the trademark symbol™.

We request that all Anderson & Anderson® certified providers make the appropriate changes on your websites and blogs to reflect these new developments.

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By: Colbért B. Williams, Sr., MSW, LCSW, CAMF

It is with profound sadness that this article is being written.  On the “World Stage,” a prominent political figure was assassinated today, December 27, 2007.  My sincerest condolences to her family, friends, associates and the world we live in. Again, to follow-up on the title questions in a recently published article on my website Blog: “Executive Coaching/Anger Management Intervention-Who? What? When? Where? Why?” The answers to the title questions are becoming increasingly relevant and salient.

When discussing and marketing Anger Management and Executive Coaching/Anger Management intervention services, the aforementioned questions are consistently posed.  In many rebuttals and discussions, the concept of “Profiling” emerges as to, “Who?” is the identified referent.  After a substantial number of years of post Masters trainings and “In the Trenches” direct clinical experience in the domains of Disruptive, Abusive and Violent Cognitive, Emotional and Behavioral characteristics and traits, the answers evolved and are very salient and validated. “There Is No Profile,” to “Who” should receive or would benefit from Anger Management or Executive Coaching/Anger Management intervention services.  Furthermore, “There Is No Profile,” to the remaining four title questions, “What? When? Where? Why?”

The Anderson & Anderson Models of Anger Management and Executive Coaching/Anger Management clearly delineate and teach the “Transitional Dynamics” of Anger.  For Certified Anderson & Anderson Providers of Anger Management and selectively Certified Executive Coaches, the effectiveness of the Anger Management curriculum authored by Mr. George Anderson is “cutting edge,” and phenomenally “Timely.” Anger and Rage are international social, workplace and personal phenomena’s that are occurring in noted frequencies and with volatile and tragic results. What are the solutions to the aforementioned international phenomena’s? The internationally recognized Anderson & Anderson Models of Anger Management and Executive Coaching/Anger Management interventions.  As a member of the Anderson & Anderson Team, the etiology and basis of this author’s perspectives are from a significant number of years of relevant in-depth academic undergraduate and graduate studies, continued post Masters Trainings and Licensed clinical professional experiences; along with a significant number of years of personal and life experiences. Visit the Anderson & Anderson website;, for more detailed information.

As mentioned in many of my articles, the ideal is, “Pro-Active” Anger Management or Executive Coaching/Anger Management intervention services.  However, “At-Need” Anger Management or Executive Coaching/Anger Management intervention services are very relevant and effective. Visit our website;; or call; 866-726-7881, for more detailed information and professional services.

Executive & Life Coaching, Inc.

Colbért B. Williams, Sr., MSW, LCSW, CAMF – President
Executive Coach
Diplomate, American Association of Anger Management Providers
President-Elect, American Association of Anger Management Providers

Court Approved Los Angeles Anger Management Provider List for January through June 2008

In Los Angeles, CA on December 28, 2007, the Official Anger Management Providers List for the Superior Court of Los Angeles County (and its branches) has been mailed to all courts and is now available for download from the Anderson & Anderson website. This list includes all providers who have completed 40 hours of facilitator certification training and use client workbooks, as well as the Conover Anger Management Pre and Post Tests. Human resource managers have been utilizing services from Anderson & Anderson and its anger management providers in Los Angeles County for more than seventeen years. This list has been revised and updated periodically to reflect the current status of anger management providers utilizing the Anderson & Anderson model of anger management intervention.

This list has been mailed to all of the Criminal and Family Law Courts in Los Angeles County as well as prosecuting attorneys from the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office, and the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office.

Anderson & Anderson, Inc. does not assume any responsibility for the quality of services provided by each provider. However, each provider has been trained by Anderson & Anderson and is expected to adhere to the standards recognized by the Los Angeles County Superior Court. Providers who do not adhere to these standards and are not actively utilizing the Anderson & Anderson Anger Management curriculum will be removed from future updates/revisions of the providers list. Unsuspecting consumers are often victimized by untrained charlatans claiming to offer anger management. It is necessary to be sure that the program you enroll in is offering a legitimate service recognized by the court system. The bailiff or court clerk will provide a copy of the list of certified providers upon request. You may download your own copy at

If you would like more information or want to schedule an interview with George Anderson, please contact us at 310-207-3591.

George Anderson, BCD, MSW, CAMF
Diplomate, American Association of Anger Management Providers
Rasheed Ahmed
Office Manager,
Anderson & Anderson
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Anger Management Trends for 2008

Just as 2007 topped all of the years before, it is almost a certainty that 2008 will do the same. As one of the elder statesmen in anger management and executive coaching, here are my predictions for the year 2008:

1.) Legislation will be introduced, passed and signed into law in California, mandating standards for Certified Anger Management Providers. Other states like Texas will quickly follow California’s lead.

2.) Prisons and Jails throughout the nation will begin providing anger management to all inmates whose offenses include aggression or violence.

3.) Anger management skills will join substance abuse intervention and GED as needed skills for prison and jail inmates.

4.) New York and Chicago will follow the lead of the Los Angeles Unified School District in providing anger management in after school programs as well as Adult Education Programs. Many smaller school districts will contract out for these services.

5.) Large, small and medium sized businesses will recognize that anger management is a cost saving intervention and move to offer anger management in their staff development programs.

6.) Employee assistance professionals will be forced to concede their lack of training and experience in anger management and seek to include anger management as one of the core courses for the CEAP certification.

7.) Legislation introduced in the last session of the Texas State Legislature by Senator Whitmire from Houston, requiring anger management for all middle school students, will be passed and implemented in Texas.

8.) Anderson & Anderson will revise its popular anger management curriculum, making it consistent with the new California Legislation. 

9.) Providers with limited training and curricula in executive coaching for physicians will quickly recognize their limitations and seek additional training and certification in this new niche in anger management.

10.) Anderson & Anderson will develop a new curriculum for executive coach certification training. This training will focus on executive coaching/anger management for physicians.

George Anderson, MSW, BCD, CAMF, CEAP
Diplomate, American Association of Anger Management Providers
Anderson & Anderson, The Trusted Name in Anger Management

Year End Comments from Colbert Williams

The accomplishments you have made along with your select Certified Anger Management Providers have been nothing less than Phenomenal. I will post them on my website blog. With your/our continued visions, energy and relentless pursuits of saturating and dominating the market with the Anderson & Anderson Models of Executive Coaching and Anger Management, 2008 will truly be a “Banner Year” for Executive Coaching/Anger Management intervention services for Physicians and all “High Profile” professionals provided by you and your personally selected, highly trained, with significant and relevant clinical experiences, Licensed, Certified Anderson & Anderson Executive Coaches/Anger Management Providers. You have “Set the Standard” and “Raised the Bar.” “Let the Referrals and Contracts Begin!”

I am preparing and looking forward to hitting the ground running in 2008.

I Thank You from the Bottom of My Heart for your Phenomenal and Altruistic Mentoring, Trust, Executive Coaching referrals, Partnering in our Joint Ventures with Metro, Wal-Mart, the County of Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and Senator (Ret) David Roberti, Esq. I equally thank Nancy and your family for their Trust, Belief and Support in our business relationships and ventures. You are truly, “One In A Million!”

Wishing you and your Family a Very Merry Christmas and a Most Happy, Healthy, Safe and Prosperous New Year!!!


Colbért Williams, Sr., MSW, LCSW, CAMF

Twelve Things Certified Anger Management Providers Accomplished in 2007

Gregory Kyles, Colbert Williams and George Anderson along with Shannon Munford participated in a successful viral marketing campaign that branded the Anderson & Anderson model as the curriculum of choice worldwide.

• Carlos Todd, as President of the American Association of Anger Management Providers was selected by CBS News to comment on anger as a factor in 9/11.

• Colbert Williams partnered with Anderson & Anderson and Artemia Communications to seek anger management contracts in prisons and jails in California.

• George Anderson, Carlos Todd, Colbert Williams and Greg Kyle quickly emerged as the most sought after Executive/anger Management Coaches for physicians nationwide.

• Greg Kyle received approval as an anger management provider by the Probation Department for the Houston Region.

• George Anderson is featured in the December, 2007 issue of Los Angeles Magazine under the title “Free Advice from people who charge a lot”.

Three articles by George Anderson were published in the JACHO news regarding “disruptive physicians”.

• The Los Angeles Unified School District introduces the Anderson & Anderson Anger Management Curriculum in all of its Adult Education High Schools.

• George Anderson successfully adds a one day in vivo observation to its two day Executive Coaching/anger Management course for physicians. This recommendation was made by one of Anderson & Anderson’s Physician clients.

• The curriculum for “disruptive physicians” used by Anderson & Anderson is now accepted by hospitals and Medical Boards nationwide.

• Anita Avedian, M.F.T., C.A.M.F., introduces George Anderson to Linkedin and helps to develop an impressive provider network.

George Anderson, MSW, BCD, CAMF

Twelve Things Anger Management Providers Did in 2007

December 21, 2007 — Gregory Kyles

1.Carlos Todd was appointed president of the American Association of Anger Management Providers

2.Gregory Kyles moved to establish the Anger Management institute of Texas as the leader in anger management in Texas

3.George Anderson’s website broke records in internet saturation for an anger management site became a premier anger management blog

5.Executive coaching for physicians became the most sought after anger management service nationwide

6.A record number of anger management sites were established

7.Several major anger management contracts were negotiated became a the leading anger management site on the east coast

9.George Anderson, Carlos Todd, Gregory Kyles, Shannon Munford and Colbert Williams joined forces to get the word out regarding the presence of a nationwide network of anger management providers

10.Carlos Todd was featured in a primetime interview on the Charlotte CBS TV station

11.George Anderson was featured in several magazines

12.Carlos Todd released his first book-Your Emotional Profile
      By Carlos Todd, LPC, NCC, CAMF

Anger Management Classes at the Anger Management Institute of Texas available 7 days a week in Houston, Texas.

Gregory A. Kyles, M.A., LPC, CEAP, CAMF
Director, Anger Management Institute of Texas
Diplomate, President of Texas Chapter
American Association of Anger Management Providers