A Formula For Financial Success as a Marriage, Family, Therapists

The prospects of earning enough income as a Managed Health Care provider to support either an individual or a family is not realistic. It is relatively easy for most MFTs nationwide to get on panels. In fact, Managed Health Care is more interested in including MFTs as panel providers rather than Psychologists who are paid slightly more. While being in Private Practice offers status and prestige, the income is not great enough for survival.

Emotional Intelligence Assessments, especially the Bar On EQi is virtually all cash and there are no insurance hassles to deal with. By incorporating Emotional Intelligence in your private practice, coaching or anger management programs, you can easily increase your practice income from $1,000 to $3, 000 per month just for the assessment and debriefing. This added service will likely increase your client population.

The process of including Emotional Intelligence Assessments and debriefing into your practice, here is a list of things to do:

  1. Decide today to increase your practice income by increasing the services you offer.
  2. Use all forms of media include press releases, linked in, face book, twitter, goggle ads and every other resources for marketing.
  3. Develop a workplace blog that focuses on Emotional Intelligence Assessments, debriefing and coaching.
  4. Provide a link like this one on your site: http://www.cgrowth.com/pdf/JaneDoe_Client_CG.pdf
  5. Establish an arrangement for Anderson & Anderson to provide your assessment needs by contacting George Anderson at 310-207-3591.
  6. Anderson & Anderson will market your website andersonservices.com
  7. Increased income possibilities for your practice: A). Anderson & Anderson will provide an on-line Bar On EQi Assessment for each of your clients. B). following the on-line the assessment, we will e-mail a copy of the Client Report to both you and your client. In addition, you will receive a Coach Report that details how to debrief the client and assist him or her in establishing coaching goals.
  8. Anderson & Anderson will charge you $150 for each assessment and recommend that you charge $250 for the assessment and whatever your fees are for coaching of psychotherapy.

Since adding this new service to your practice does not require any new investment, there is little to lose and a lot to gain.

George Anderson, MSW, BCD, CAMF

Bar On EQi Certified Provider








Three Day Live Anger Management Facilitator Training

Presented by

Anderson & Anderson, A.P.C.

Attend Anger Management Coach Certification with the Guru himself, George Anderson. Anger Management Classes is the most lucrative income stream to any coaching, private practice or mental health organization.

The Anderson & Anderson model of anger management/emotional intelligence is the most effective and widely recognized curriculum in the world. This model has been featured in Los Angeles Times Magazine, Wall Street Journal and the BBC. Our certification training and approved provider list are the industry standards and dominate the internet. Attend this great three day training!

The first day of the training will focus on Adolescent Anger Management. The second day of the training will focus on Adult Anger Management. The third day of the training is Organizational Emotional Intelligence/Anger Management.

This training is designed for Nurses, School Counselors/Psychologists, Substance Abuse Counselors, Case Managers, HR Managers, Clinicians, Probation Officers, as well as staff from group homes, and agencies serving families and youth.

This training is Approved for 8 CEU’s by CAADAC (#2n96-341-0805), BBS (#PCE60), CAADE (#CP40-793-C-1009), TCBAP, and the CA. Board of Corrections

Location: Chicago, Merced, CA., Oakland, CA.,San   Jose, CA. &  Los Angeles. Click here for dates and venues www.andersonservices.com .

Anderson & Anderson, APC

12301   Wilshire Blvd. Ste. #418

Los    Angeles,CA90025

Phone: (310) 207-3591

Cost: $500.00 per day includes client workbooks, facilitator guide, Motivational interviewing CDs and certification.


Total: $1,500

The Anderson & Anderson Anger Management Curricula undergoes major changes

Over the last four years, Anderson & Anderson has moved closer to linking its’ anger management curricula to the Bar On EQi Emotional Intelligence Assessment and the concepts of EQ as articulated in The EQ Edge relative to the 15 scales that form the core of this instrument.

Given the current popularity of the Anderson & Anderson Anger Management Facilitator Certification, it is only natural that it will continue to influence how anger management is practiced throughout the United States. Therefore, anger management has moved from the management of anger to a broader understanding of the relationship between anger, stress, communication, self-awareness, social awareness, impulse control, optimism, decision making, self-perception, flexibility or relationship management.

Anderson & Anderson was one of the first major Anger Management providers to push for a clear acknowledgement from the American Psychiatric Association that while anger may be a symptom of a range of health and mental health disorders, anger is not in itself a pathological condition and is not a listed illness in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Nervous and Mental Disorders. According to the American Psychiatric Association, anger is a normal human emotion that is experienced by everyone at some time.

This is important since it means that counseling, psychotherapy or psychotropic medication is not the intervention of choice for anger management. It allows anger to be defined as a problem when it is too intense, occurs too frequently, impacts health, lasts too long, destroys interpersonal relationships or leads to person-directed aggression.

All of the commonly recognized emotional intelligence concepts offer the best over all strategies for skill enhancement in impulse control. Coaching has increased the usefulness of Emotional Intelligence and made anger management far more acceptable to those seeking help.

Current and future Anderson & Anderson Certified Anger Management Facilitators/Coaches will be invited to take the Bar On EQi Emotional Intelligence Assessment On-line prior to the training. The EQ Edge will be required reading for each new Coach.

Visit our website for a list of our On-line Certification training as well as our live training in Merced, Oakland, San Jose, Los Angeles and Chicago:www.andersonservices.com.

George Anderson, MSW, BCD, CAMF



Scope of Practice expands for Anger Management Coaches who use Emotional Intelligence Curricula

Certified Anger Management Facilitators are able to legitimately claim an expansion of their ability to offer a wider range of coaching skills that are included under emotional intelligence. Anger management is not just the management of anger. Rather, anger management coaching now includes stress management, assertive communication, impulse control, self-awareness, self-perception, empathy, social awareness as well as empathy, optimism, interpersonal relationships and problem solving.

This new coaching format begins with a comprehensive Bar On EQi Emotional Intelligence Assessment along with interpretation, debriefing and the establishment of goals for coaching. The ancillary coaching material consists of the Contrasting Wheels of Behavior, the Gaining Control Of Ourselves, DVD as well as the popular Practice Of Control Client workbook.

The individual focus of the coaching sessions allows the client an opportunity to establish his or her priorities and a chance to practice the skills that are provided in the on-going coaching sessions.

Since there are no stigmas attached, coaching for emotional intelligence is rapidly becoming a popular self-development approach for trend setters interested in improving interpersonal relationships.

George Anderson

Gifts For Those Who Have Everything Except Good EQ Skills

Last year, Anderson & Anderson Anger Management was asked to offer Gift Certificates for a ten-hour course in Emotional Intelligence/Anger Management. We placed a small announcement on our website and were surprised with the results.

1). The first participant was a Catholic Priest who was stunned but appreciative.

2). Another participant was Mormon Bishop from an adjoining County who drove considerable distance on a weekly basis to complete the 10 -hour course.

3). A physician received his Gift Certificate from his thirteen –year- old son who claimed to be afraid of his father.

4.) An Attorney came at the urging of his own HR Manager who feared a hostile work environment lawsuit based on the attorneys’ behavior at work.

5. Four members of a five person Medical Group insisted that the fifth member of the group accept their gift for this course.

6). The man who suggested that we offer Gift Certificates bought tem which he gave to special people in his life including his mother.

7.) Finally, a women ended her engagement with her fiancée and gave him a certificate to attend anger management.

Anger Management Coaching begins with the internationally recognized Bar On EQi Emotional Intelligence Assessment which can be accessed On-line. When based on skill enhancement in Emotional Intelligence, impulse control/ Anger Management is useful and positive for anyone interested in increasing his or her skills in emotional intelligence.

George Anderson, MSW, BCD, CAMF


Coaching for Emotional Intelligence/Impulse Control is the latest Celebrity Trend

Civility Training for Attorneys, Executive Coaching for Emotional Intelligence and Coaching for “disruptive physicians” have gone a long ways in making intervention for anger management acceptable if not a new sign of status.

Sports figures, the Hollywood elite as well as discrete politicians are quietly seeking Emotional Intelligence Coaching for Impulse Control/Anger Management. Since Emotional Intelligence Coaching does not have any stigmas attached, it has no negatives. High profile clients who may consider counseling or psychotherapy or even anger management as negative are more open to Emotional Intelligence Coaching.

This new Coaching for self-control consists of the Bar On EQi Emotional Intelligence Assessment, The Practice of Control client workbook, DVDs as well as the popular Contrasting Wheels of Behavior. Coaching can be scheduled live and via phone.

George Anderson, MSW, BCD, CAMF



How To Get Listed As A Certified Anderson & Anderson Provider

We at Anderson & Anderson are excited to announce that we are in the process of updating our internationally recognized Certified Anger Management/Emotional Intelligence Provider List.

Click here to see if your practice is on this prized list: https://www.andersonservices.com/blog/certified-providers/

If you are a for-profit organization and you would to have your site listed. Visit our store or phone our office and confirm that you meet the following requirements:

  • You have completed the 40-hour certification in the Anderson & Anderson Anger Management/Emotional Intelligence Curriculum.
  • You must show evidence that you have completed 16 hours of CEUs each year since becoming certified.
  • You have purchased and routinely use the Anderson & Anderson client workbooks for Adolescents and Adults.
  • You have purchased and use the Gaining Control Of Ourselves DVD, Styles of Communication DVD, Session One DVD, Contrasting Wheels of Behavior Posters and Mini Wheel Cards.
  • You use either the new Bar On EQi 2.0 Emotional Intelligence Assessment or some other Pre and Post Test for Anger Management. Anderson & Anderson is MHS Certified to administer and interpret the Bar On EQi 2.0 Assessment for your and all of your clients.
  • You must provide us with the information for your listing consistent with the format already used on our website and, you must pre- pay for 12 months at a rate of $39 per month.

For additional information, contact George Anderson at 310-207-3591.

George Anderson, BCD, CEAP, CAMF


Trends In Executive Coaching

By Joan Caruso

It’s been more than a decade since coaching gained a toehold in the corporate environment, and it has continued to broaden its acceptance. I find it valuable to periodically take stock of emerging trends in the field and validate them against our own experience at The Ayers Group.

  1.  Here are some of my observations:
  2. Coaching continues to become more of an executive perk. As I reported in the Fall 2004 issue of the Ayers Report (“The Perk That Pays Back”), this trend emerged at the beginning of the decade. Then coaching shifted back to a remedial focus during the economic downturn. Over the last two years, however, we’ve seen steadily less use of executive coaching for remedial situations and more of a focus on using it to develop and retain high-potential employees and high flyers.
  3. Companies are giving more attention than ever to the coach-coachee matching process. A 2004 survey* of executive learning methods by Executive Development Associates found “the match between leader and coach to be much more critical than expected.” Our clients are asking for more information about the criteria for creating the optimal match. We tell them it’s our responsibility to bring in-depth knowledge of our coaches to the table, but the more information the client can provide about a coaching candidate—learning and developmental style, coaching objectives, etc.—the better the match we’re able to create.
  4. Anger management has become one of fastest-growing disciplines in executive coaching. Undoubtedly fueled by a fast-paced business environment where change, complexity, pressure, and stress are on the increase, the number of requests we’re getting in this area is on the increase. I’m very cautious in dealing with these situations, going only to executive coaches with demonstrated expertise in this discipline. With demand for anger-management coaching outstripping the supply of trained providers, it’s important to vet providers very carefully. Anger management touches on a variety of issues—stress management, emotional intelligence, etc.—and crosses into the realm of psychology. You walk a fine line to avoid a situation where the coach slips into becoming a shrink, and that isn’t what executive coaching is about.
  5. As companies increasingly recognize the benefit of coaching, they are pushing it downward in the organization. More and more of our clients are now offering coaching to high-potentials at junior, as well as executive, levels.

* Koriath, John J., and Underhill, Brian O. 2006. “Top trends in executive coaching,” Choice, vol. 4 no. 1: 29-32.


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This is the last Los Angeles training to be conducted by George Anderson until August, 2012. This training is limited to 10 persons. We have space available now but it won’t last long.

Call this week and reserve you space in this Friday, Saturday, Sunday training.


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