Psychotherapists are discovering Anger Management Facilitator Certification

In spite of the holiday, last weekends Anger Management Facilitator Certification in Oakland was well attended. A noticeable new trend in this weeks training and the training for  San Jose next weekend is the dramatic increase in the number of Licensed Psychologists, Clinical Social Workers and MFTs.

Anger Management Coaching can be a great income stream for psychotherapists in part or full time practice. For a list of future trainings, visit our website at

George Anderson, CAMF

An Explanation Of Physician Coaching by two Surgeons



For A Detailed Explanation of the Anderson & Anderson Coaching for “Disruptive Physicians”, click here:

Two Prominent Surgeons openly discussed their experience as participants in the prestigious Anderson & Anderson Executive Coaching For “disruptive physicians”.

After viewing this video, please call George Anderson for any additional information or to enroll a physician in this coaching program.

George Anderson, MSW, BCD, CEAP, CAMF

Diplomate, American Association of Anger Management Providers

Requests For Anger Management Facilitator Certification Goes Global

Canada, Puerto Rico, India, Istanbul, and Dubai have joined the increasing requests for the internationally recognized Anderson & Anderson Anger Management Facilitator Certification. We at Anderson & Anderson have decided to follow the requests for training anywhere they lead.

If you are interested in Co-Sponsoring a three- day Anderson & Anderson Anger Management Facilitator Certification training in your city or town contact us. We will train in your area if you can guarantee 6 paid participants.

Currently, Anger Management Facilitator Certification trainings are scheduled for Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, Oakland, Seattle, Atlanta, San Juan, PR and Ottawa, Canada.

Visits our Website at: for a listing our all our trainings.

Contact George Anderson, CAMF

Diplomate, American Association of Anger Management Facilitators


How To Earn A Stable Income From Anger Management

Success in providing Anger Management Coaching or Classes depends on following a carefully crafted formula.

The components of such a plan must include Certification in Anger Management Facilitation (CAMF) . This informs the public that you are certified to offer anger management and really are knowledgeable in training others to recognize and manage their own anger and stress while increasing skills in assertive communication and emotional intelligence.

Once you receive the widely recognized (CAMF) Certified Anger Management Facilitator designation, you need to purchase and use the required Anderson & Anderson client workbooks for adolescents or adults as well as CDs, DVDs, Posters and other ancillary training material. The Anderson and Anderson™ Curriculum is all figured out for you. It is accepted in all 50 US states. So it is important to use the branded curriculum and training material.

Your Certified Anger Management Facilitators Certification Training will include understanding, experiencing and the use of the internationally recognized Bar On EQi Emotional Intelligence Assessment. This is the most researched EQ assessment currently in existence. This assessment includes all of the emotional intelligence skill scales associated with anger management/impulse control.

This will give each professional more than a cursory understanding of this important instrument.

The Bar On EQi 2.0 Assessment includes five composite scales with 15 subscales. These Composite scales include the following Composite Scales:

  1. Self-Perception
  2. Self-Expression
  3. Interpersonal
  4. Decision Making
  5. Stress Management

To receive a stable income from either a Full-Time or Part-Time Anger Management Business, follow this formula:

  1. Create a simple, functional website that includes a blog or newsletter.
  2. Create a business card, letterhead stationery and note cards that match your website in color,      text type, and motif.
  3. Dedicate a phone just for this business with professional recording
  4. Find the best location to  conduct classes, sessions and workshops
  5. Join and use Linked-In for as many groups as feasible (50)
  6. Join and maximize friends on Face book.
  7. Join and use Twitter.
  8. Join and participate in the Anger Management Forum on
  9. Learn how to use free Press Releases
  10. Join and participate in the American Association of Anger Management Providers.
  11. Join and take advantage of the  opportunity to market your anger management practice in the Anger      Management Resource Directory.
  12. Make a commitment to learn all the Anderson and Anderson™ material.
  13. Keep up with current Anger, Stress, Emotional Intelligence, Communication development, books, and      articles.
  14. Research other Anger Management  businesses in other cities and states using Google/Bing/Facebook that come  up on page one. Only copy ideas not rip off their copy. See what is working for them. I found what works for me may not work for you.
  15. Experiment with your offerings  and rates
  16. Offer what clients need/want  not what is convenient for you.

In establishing your practice, select your location carefully. If you want higher end clients locate in the influential higher income neighborhoods/zip codes.  If you want to serve more court ordered participants then locate near a bus or rail station and keep your prices lower. Locate your business that is accessible to your clients not necessarily just for yourself. Easy directions are the best.

For Full-Time Practice rent the best facility you can afford. Check out Executive Suites where you have a 10×10, 10×14 office with shared receptionist and conference room and break room. This is ideal. Also check out Churches that rent out their meeting rooms. Most sign a one year lease. You can always move to a better location next year.

For Part-Time Practice the Church meeting rooms or Hotel Conference Rooms work well.

If you want to focus your business on Organizational Anger Management directed toward Company HR Departments then locate in the Office Parks that hold prestige. These often have Executive Suites within the Office Park.

Drop in and view a well functioning Anger Management Practice.

Rev. Richard Taylor established Atlanta Anger Management at the crossroads of commerce on the upper north side of downtownAtlantaas it provides a premier location from all directions fromAtlanta’s 6.7 million metroplex. Grade A corporate building, free deck parking, 24/7 security onsite, Regis HQ Executive Suite.

Atlanta Anger Management has developed the Anderson And Anderson™ brand in Atlanta and receives participants from many other surrounding states. He has taken Mr. George Anderson’s advice and strives to offer the best of the best synonymous with the Anderson And Anderson™ brand. He is very particular to mention this with each client and at all classes/sessions. You build value with brand.

Richard has found it invaluable to be associated with Mr. George Anderson and be a Certified Anger Management Facilitator. It was worth the money, time and travel investment. The payback has been consistent offering a full time income.

Remember that by being successful at your practice/business you gain full time income and help the most people overcome their anger issues helping them have more productive interpersonal relationships at home, at work and in the public. Make money and help make the world a better place. Win-Win.

For more information:

Director Rev. Richard Taylor BS, CAMF
Certified Anger Management Facilitator

Atlanta Anger Management
5555 Glenridge Connector
Suite 200 (2nd Floor)
Atlanta, Georgia 30342 USA

Phone: 678-576-1913
Fax: 1-866-551-1253





Factors To Consider In Selecting A Program for Physician Anger

Physicians who are mandated to attend classes or coaching for “disruptive behavior” frequently perceive themselves to be under assault from their State Medical Boards, Credential Committees, Human Resource Managers, Hospital Administration or Physician Well-Being Committees. Rarely are they given appropriate information regarding the Pros and Cons of the three major programs that provide this intervention.

Unfortunately, neither the American Medical Association nor most of the state medical boards nationwide appear to provide useful information regarding the purpose, content and value of these programs.

Currently, there are three major providers of Executive Coaching/Anger Management for “disruptive physicians” or small group training for this population. The Distressed Physicians Program at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine and the PACE Program and the University of California School of Medicine at San Diego were the first to offer services for “disruptive physicians”. Both of these programs began as programs for “impaired physicians”, substance abuse or sexual abuse. Therefore, they are well known to the medical community.

These institutions began providing programs for “disruptive physicians” around 2005. Both programs are limited to 7 or 8 participants per quarter, which limits the total number of participants to 27 or 32 per year. All classes are provided in a group format at the two respective Medical Schools without exceptions.

The Anderson & Anderson Executive Coaching Program was initiated in 2007 in conjunction with a small group of physicians from a large health care organization based in Dallas, TX. This hospital chain wanted to be proactive in working to provide assistance for their physicians in a non-threatening manner. Consequently, they wanted a program that was mobile (on-site) and offered individual intervention in a discreet, confidential manner. They also wanted to protect their physicians from being inappropriately labeled with some type of inappropriate psychiatric or substance abuse diagnosis. Finally, when a highly specialized surgeon, cardiologist or anesthesiologist is taken away from his or her practice to spend two or three days in Nashville, TN or San Diego, CA., the cost to the community, health care organization and the physician is unreasonably high. Therefore, On-site intervention is far more reasonable for most physicians. The Anderson & Anderson Coaching is provided on-site anywhere in the United States.

George Anderson, MSW, BCD, CAMF, CEAP

Diplomate, America Association of Anger Management Providers

The Anderson & Anderson Anger Management Certification To Be Offered in Ottawa

Good morning Mr. Anderson!

My name is Charles Leduc and I obtained my CAMF through your amazing program a year ago.

Since then, I developed and implemented your program into the curriculum for Harvest House, a residential alcohol and drug rehabilitation program for men in Ottawa, On. The majority of their clients are mandated to attended this year-long residential treatment program as an alternative to incarceration. It’s a terrific program and the addition of your anger management program was exactly what they needed to boost it up!

I just wanted to introduce myself and let you know that you have a CAMF friend here in Ottawa!

If ever a seminar/training session is to transpire here in the general area, please let me know. I’m always looking to learn more and to network with like-minded people.

Or better yet, if you would like help to organize such a seminar, I can definitely be of service to you and to the Anderson & Anderson Anger Management program.

Hope all is well and I look forward to chatting with you more.

CAMF is the Anderson & Anderson Trade Marked Certified Anger Management Facilitator training.

Are Emotional Intelligence Assessments Useful For Job Applicants?

When it comes to recruiting strategies, hiring decisions often focus largely on candidates’ technical skills and expertise, with relatively little attention given to soft skills. This can result in hiring employees who have the cognitive firepower to succeed but lack the social skills required to effectively use what they know. These employees tend to either rapidly leave due to interpersonal conflict and frustration, stall out in lower-level positions due to their inability to handle the social demands of leadership or bulldoze through the organization, leaving a trail of poor morale and increased turnover.

Testimonial For Ms. Yacine Bell, Trainer for Anderson & Anderson

My name is Aaron Ferguson and I am a recent graduate of the Anderson & Anderson training program, it was inspirational. The depth of information for use in client situations was impressive. The training itself was a relaxed experience, our group was encouraging and supportive. Yacine Bell was our instructor and she is a truly amazing woman. Her ability to teach us the course curriculum was outstanding. Yacine also provided us with expert business advice on setting up our practice. George Anderson’s work books are everything I needed to confidently start my business. I have already booked my first speaking engagement for “The Investors Group” in Toronto, Canada. My confidence in the success of my business is unstoppable.
Aaron Ferguson CAMF;AAAMP
Director/Owner: Aaron and Associates Anger Management & Conflict Resolution
Member American Association of Anger Management Providers
Tel: 416.993.6077