The Joint Commission’s “Disruptive Physician” Standards Spawn a Cottage Industry of Questionable Providers

Effective January 1, 2009, JCAHO issued new guidelines to respond to the negative behavior of physicians that often places patient care at risk while increasing medical errors. These new standards make it mandatory for Hospitals to establish written policies designed to address what is defined as “disruptive physician behavior”.

Essentially, a “disruptive physician” is one whose behavior is described as demeaning, aggressive, uncivil, or hostile to colleagues, patients or ancillary staff. The American Medical Association (AMA) has defined disruptive behavior as a style of interaction with physicians, hospital personnel, patients, family members, or others that interferes with patient care.

The recommended intervention is unclear in the Sentinel Alert from the Joint Commission on this matter. However, since there were already standards for psychiatric impairment, sexual harassment/boundary issues and substance abuse, the lack of specific intervention models for “disruptive physician behavior” have made it possible for psychiatrists, psychologists, and mental health providers to claim that psychotherapy is the intervention of choice.

Recently, in-patient Substance Abuse Rehab Centers have joined the chorus of instant experts by declaring that “disruptive physicians” are really “rage-aholics” who are addicted to anger and, therefore, can best be treated in in-patient Substance Abuse Facilities using a 12 Step program. Their argument is that all forms of addiction are responsive to the same intervention.

Even though there is no evidence that anger is an addiction, unsuspecting Hospital and Healthcare organizations are being duped by substance abuse marketers and providers into supporting this radical intervention for “disruptive physicians”.

Psychologists, psychiatrists and other mental health clinicians are ignoring the fact that anger is not listed in the Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Nervous and Mental Disorders (DSM IV), and, in fact, anger is a normal human emotion, which is a problem when it is too intense, occurs too frequently, lasts too long, has health implications, impacts interpersonal relationships or leads to person-directed aggression or violence. They are offering traditional insight-oriented psychotherapy or cognitive behavior therapy to address what amounts to problems in recognizing and managing anger and stress.

Self proclaimed anger management providers are offering on-line anger management with overnight Certificates of Completion for a fee of $40 with no questions asked. Many of these providers are located in Orange County, California and Charlotte, North Carolina.

The three most reputable programs for “disruptive physicians” are:

  • The PACE Program at the University of California School of Medicine at San Diego
  • The Distressed Physician Program at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in Nashville, Tenessee
  • The Anderson & Anderson Emotional Intelligence/Anger Management Coaching Program for “disruptive physicians” in Los Angeles, CA.

These three programs were designed specifically for physicians in need of skills in recognizing and managing stress, recognizing and managing anger, increasing emotional intelligence/empathy and mastering assertive communication.

George Anderson, BCD, LCSW
Anderson & Anderson, APC
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Anger Management Guru Exposes Fraudulent “Rageaholics” Treatment Program

Substance Abuse Programs have deemed themselves “instant experts” on delivering intervention services for disruptive physicians. Their strategy for capitalizing on the niche market created by the Joint Commission on The Accreditation of Health Care Organizations’ (JCAHO) newly enacted policy requiring intervention for “disruptive physicians” is to label these physicians as “rageaholics” in need of Inpatient substance abuse treatment. Not only is this fictitious condition completely absent from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental and Nervous Disorders (DSM IV), the American Psychiatric Association has firmly categorized anger as a lifestyle issue, completely unresponsive to psychiatric treatment.

Aside from being unethical, this purely profit-driven move on the part of the rehabilitation facilities stands to compromise the integrity of the legitimate anger management/emotional intelligence programs designed especially for disruptive physicians, which have a track record of delivering tangible results, without creating phony conditions or claiming that their clients have “psychiatric or addiction disorders.” 

While all service-oriented for-profit organizations have to balance bottom line awareness with their mission to meet their clients’ needs and continually increase demand for their services, it is absolutely unacceptable for any organization to do so at the expense of the very people they serve, and the system within which they operate. All physician well-being staff, mental health and substance abuse professionals, the JCAHO and APA should protest this fraudulent behavior by such national rehabilitation programs, in order to protect the interests of physicians in need of genuine intervention based strategies to increase skill enhancement in self-awareness and self- control.

Lekdan Takspa,
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Drug Rehab Programs Becoming Instant Experts on “disruptive physician behavior”

On January 1, 2009, the Joint Commission on The Accreditation of Health Care Organizations implemented its new policy on “disruptive physicians”. This policy mandates intervention for physicians whose behavior at work is demeaning, condescending, aggressive, arrogant or indicative of a need for anger management/emotional intelligence.

In the absence of intervention standards for this new category (disruptive physicians), a cottage industry including inpatient drug rehab programs have suddenly sprung up to provide treatment/intervention for unsuspecting physicians who are mandated to seek assistance in addressing this important issue.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs have defined ”disruptive physicians” as rageaholics and have determined that they suffer from addition to anger, and therefore need the same type of inpatient substance abuse treatment as any other addiction. There is no precedence for a thirty day inpatient program to treat a nonexistent disorder, rageaholism.

The DSM IV (diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental and Nervous Disorders) does not list either anger or rage as pathological conditions. Rather, anger is considered by the American Psychiatric Association as a life style issue and not reponsive to psychiatric treatment. This fraudulent action by national rehab programs should be protested by all Physician Well-Being staff as well as mental health and substance abuse professionals.

George Anderson
Anderson & Anderson




Organizational Anger Management Training

                  Organizational Anger Management Training to be offered in:
                                           Oakland               Los Angeles
                                     11/13/2009              12/07/2009

Anger Management Guru, George Anderson is scheduled to offer a live, one day training for Facilitators of Anger Management on Organizational Anger Management Training.

This course can be used for continuing education for Domestic Violence Batterers Facilitators, Substance Abuse Counselor, Clinical Social Workers, MFTs and Certified Anger Management Facilitators.

Humans Resource Managers from small, medium and large organizations of all types of requesting Organizational Anger Management Training for one, two or four hours on anger management, stress management, communication and emotional intelligence.

The Oakland training will be limited to 12 participants and the fees must be paid by November 9, 2009.

Participants will receive one client workbook entitled The Practice Of Control, a sample Emotional Intelligence Profile, Gaining Control of Ourselves DVD, Organizational Training DVD and the Executive Coaching DVD. In addition, each participant will receive three requests for proposal for Organizational Anger Management Training and one sample proposal.

All those in attendance will be taught how to write a proposal and how to present training for consumers on Organizational Anger Management. Those in attendance must have skills in public speaking/training. This training will be interactive.

For additional information please call us at:

George Anderson
Anderson & Anderson

Anger Management Facilitator Certification

Anderson & Anderson, A.P.C.PRESENTS
Anger Management Guru: George Anderson, BCD, LCSW, CAMF

NOVEMBER 18TH, 19TH & 20TH,  2009*
8:30 AM – 4:30 PM
Cost: $500.00 per day includes client workbook, facilitator guide, and certification. *Those attending all three days will receive a 30% discount on all Anderson & Anderson DVDs and CD-ROMs purchased on the training days.
Approved for 8 CEU’s by CAADAC (#2n96-341-0805), BBS (#PCE60),
CAADE (#CP40-793-C-1009), TCBAP, and the CA. Board of Corrections

The Anderson & Anderson model of anger management is the most effective and widely recognized curriculum in the world. This model, which has been featured in Los Angeles Times Magazine, focuses on enhancing emotional intelligence and assertive communication while introducing behavior strategies for identifying and managing anger and stress. Our certification training and approved provider list are the industry standards and dominate the internet. **

The First day of training will focus on Adolescent Anger Management and will use the Anderson workbook “Controlling Ourselves” as the text. A demonstration and discussion of the Conover Assessment Component will be conducted. This one-day training is designed for Nurses, School Counselors/Psychologists, Substance Abuse Counselors, Case Managers, HR Managers, Clinicians, Probation Officers, as well as staff from group homes, and agencies serving families and youth. This curriculum is currently being used in school districts in Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacramento, Concord and San Diego, as well as school districts in Texas and Louisiana. In addition, probation departments in Arizona, Kansas, California and Texas use this model.

On the Second day, Adult Anger Management will be examined. A demonstration of the Conover Assessment will be conducted with a discussion of its usefulness. “Gaining Control of Ourselves,” in conjunction with experiential exercises and videos, will be used to initiate the participants to this intervention. Most major corporations have accepted this model for use by H.R. and EAP Managers.

The third day of Training is Organizational Emotional Intelligence/ Anger Management. This training is designed to prepare the participant to offer workshops or presentations regarding anger management, civility or emotional intelligence a small group format. This is rapidly becoming one of the most requested interventions in anger management. This training has been conducted for Kaiser Permanente of Southern California the Riverside County Medical Association as well as the Illinois State Bar Association. Participants who attend all three days of this training will receive a free CD containing a 16 hour course on Motivational Interviewing. This in addition to the above three20days will give the participant the required 40 hours of Facilitator Certification Training..
(Each training day counts for 8 of the total of 40 hours required for Certification)       *Free One-Year membership in the American Association of Anger Management Providers
**This training is also available on interactive CD’s. Please visit  for more information.

Lekdan Takspa,
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Los Angeles County Superior Court Providers List Requirement Change

In keeping with the Anderson & Anderson mission to provide the highest quality, most effective anger management services, all providers who wish to appear on the LA County Superior Court List must have completed a full 40 hour Live anger management training. This will go into effect on 11/01/2009.
Please contact our office if you have questions or require additional information about establishing or maintaining your status on the LA County Superiour Court List.

Lekdan Takspa,
General Manager
Anderson & Anderson, A.P.C
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Improving Communication with others.


“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”
                                                                   -George Bernard Shaw
Improving Communication with others

Lack of communication is the root of many troubles, such as hurt feelings, misunderstandings, missed deadlines, and unsuccessful connections. Health communication in its broadest form is important in developing positive healthy relationships between family members and others.

Basic skills are very important and many people do not use them well. Poor communication skills result in unnecessary and misunderstandings in relationships.

Good communication requires two sets of abilities:
1. Ability to hear the other person (Receiving – active listening)
2. Ability to articulate messages accurately ( Sending – speaking clearly)

Four key communication skills for improving interpersonal relations are:
1. To listen without judgment.
2. To comprehend and acknowledge what has been said.
3. To acknowledge the other person and their point of view ( does not imply agreement; however it does require recognition of the person and their message).
4. To not impose your personal beliefs on someone else.
Good communication skills take patience and time to acquire. We encourage participants to use all their learned skills in developing positive healthy relationships.

Lekdan Takspa

General Manager
Anderson & Anderson Executive Coaching / Anger Management