Anderson & Anderson Responds To Requests For East Coast Trainings

On September 17, 2012, Anderson & Anderson will announce its’ Anger Management Facilitator Certification trainings for New Jersey on October 25,26,27,2012 as well as April 4, 5, and 6, 2013. The hotel selected to this training will be within easy reach from Manhattan as well as other east coast cities and states.

Please visit this site tomorrow for the location and time.

George Anderson, MSW, LCSW, BCD

The Anderson & Anderson website is dead!

We were shocked to learn during the last two hours that our website at is essentially dead as it does not come up when this URL is listed in any search engine. Our webmaster is working at this moment to correct this issue and we will make an announcemenet when it is corrected.

Thanks for your continued support.

George Anderson

Stress Management Tip Sheet – Diffusing Anger in Others

By George Anderson, MSW, BCD

Anger and aggression are often the product of frustration and a feeling of powerlessness. Listening is the most important skill in defusing anger. Do not attempt to reason with a person in the midst of irrational anger. Listening with your heart means trying to determine how the other person is feeling as they are speaking. This is empathetic listening.

Phrases for active listening:

  • Can you tell me more?
  • When did this happen?
  • Let me see if I understand what you just said.
  • It sounds like you are very angry right now.
  • What would you like to see happen?
  • I see it this way. How do you see it?
  • How do you think this issue can be resolved?
  • Do many people feel the way you do?
  • I am glad you feel comfortable talking to me about this.

Assume that they have (in their mind) a legitimate reason for being upset and listen for what it is. Nod, occasionally, to indicate that you are listening. And, while you are listening, remember:

  • Efforts to resist verbally are counterproductive, and put the aggressor in an even more defensive position.
  • Try to appear neutral in your posture and facial expressions.

Experts tell us that as much as 55 percent of the meaning of any message comes from visual indicators – posture, gestures, body positioning, etc. We also know that as much as 75 percent of that 55 percent comes from our face. Make a conscious effort to relax your face, unclench your jaw and lift your eyebrows. Think, “open, pleasant, neutral, relaxed.  Speak in a moderate tone.

Try to Change the Focus

When people are angry and upset, one of the first things we want to do is change their emotional state. We can do this by interrupting their pattern and refocusing their attention. Ways to do this:

  • Say their name. When you need to speak, start by saying the person’s name. When a person hears their name they will stop and change what they are focused on, if only for a moment.
  • Say, “hang on a second.” These words, said with extreme calm and relaxation, again stop the person for a moment and change what they have their attention fixed on.

When people are angry and upset, they are operating predominantly out of the right, emotional side of their brain.  To get them over to the logical, rational left side of their brain, if at all possible say something like this:

Example: “You’re saying; one, you didn’t get the report in time.  Two, it didn’t have all the information you needed. And three, it was not in the right format, is that correct?” To comprehend what you are saying, the person has to flip over to their left-brain in order to follow the sequence.

Look for Solutions
  • If you are not sure how you can help, ask. If you are in a position to provide help, again list the steps you will take in a numerical fashion.
  • Either way, use the words, “I want to help!” Let the other person know, in no uncertain terms, that you care about what they are going through and are willing to assist in correcting the problem.

George Anderson, CEO of Anderson & Anderson Anger Management is based in Brentwood, CA.  He can be reached at (310) 207-3591.


To find a social worker in your area, please click here.

George Anderson is a Board Certified Diplomate in Psychotherapy, A Fellow in the American Orthopsychiatric Association and, the first global provider of Anger Management training, workbooks, videos, DVDs and interactive CDs. He is the author of “Gaining Control of Ourselves”, “Controlling Ourselves”, “Parenting in A Troubled World”, “The California Domestic Violence Intervention Curriculum, and “Depression, Awareness, Recognition and Intervention”. Mr. Anderson received Post Graduate training in Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy from the Harvard University School of Medicine (1971) and previously taught in the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute, Pepperdine University, and Simmons College School of Social Work. Currently, he is the major provider of language and culture specific curricula in Anger Management and Domestic Violence Intervention. His workbooks are published in English, Vietnamese, Korean, Spanish and Russian.

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San Francisco Fraud Alert

San Francisco based Accord System is attempting to mislead the public by taking content from the Anderson & Anderson website and presenting it as if it is their own. This organization is not in anyway associated with Anderson & Anderson, does not use our curriculum and has never been trained to provide Executive Coaching for Healthcare Providers.

If you have been victimized by this group, please contact the California State Board of Behavior Science and file a complaint. This can be done on-line by going to the website of the California State Department of Consumer Affairs.

Please read our website and you will quickly see the phony claims being made by this notoriously fraudulent group.

The Public’s Use of Anger Management is Increasing Nationwide

Generally, when we think of anger management we tend to think of aggressive males who are physically violent and, as a result are mandated to attend anger management classes by Court Order as a result of person or property directed violence or aggression. In reality, most clients of Anger Management Programs are mandated to attend anger management by their workplace Human Resource Managers. HR Referrals are related to the prevention of workplace violence. The second most common referral source of anger management clients is actually from spouses or significant others who are concerned over their partners’ lack of empathy or poor communication skills or verbally aggressive behavior.

Finally, there is now a dramatic increase of volunteer referrals from persons, such as parents, who have become aware that they often exhibit a lack of patience, lack of empathy, assertive communication, poor stress management skills or a lack of competence in creating win win situations in interpersonal relationships.

The current trend in anger management referrals is primarily related to the public’s recognition of the need and value of opportunities for skill enhancement in self-awareness, self-control, social awareness, relationship management, assertive communication, stress management, empathy and anger management. The current focus of most anger management programs in the U.S. are actually base on emotional intelligence.

All of these programs are non–psychiatric and include Pre and Post Test, client workbooks, DVDs, Videos as well as a wide variety of skill building exercises. Generally, these courses are
provided individually or in small groups.

George Anderson, MSW, BCD, CAMF

Three Day Live Anger Management Training

Live Anger Management Training

Anderson & Anderson, A.P.C.PRESENTS
Anger Management Guru: George Anderson, BCD, LCSW, CAMF

APRIL 21st,22nd & 23RD , 2010*
8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Cost: $500.00 per day includes client workbook, facilitator guide, and certification. *Those attending all three days will receive a 30% discount on all Anderson & Anderson DVDs and CD-ROMs purchased on the training days.
Approved for 8 CEU’s by CAADAC (#2n96-341-0805), BBS (#PCE60),
CAADE (#CP40-793-C-1009), TCBAP, and the CA. Board of Corrections

The Anderson & Anderson model of anger management is the most effective and widely recognized curriculum in the world. This model, which has been featured in Los Angeles Times Magazine, focuses on enhancing emotional intelligence and assertive communication while introducing behavior strategies for identifying and managing anger and stress. Our certification training and approved provider list are the industry standards and dominate the internet. **

The First day of training will focus on Adolescent Anger Management and will use the Anderson workbook “Controlling Ourselves” as the text. A demonstration and discussion of the Conover Assessment Component will be conducted. This one-day training is designed for Nurses, School Counselors/Psychologists, Substance Abuse Counselors, Case Managers, HR Managers, Clinicians, Probation Officers, as well as staff from group homes, and agencies serving families and youth. This curriculum is currently being used in school districts in Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacramento, Concord and San Diego, as well as school districts in Texas and Louisiana. In addition, probation departments in Arizona, Kansas, California and Texas use this model.

On the Second day, Adult Anger Management will be examined. A demonstration of the Conover Assessment will be conducted with a discussion of its usefulness. “Gaining Control of Ourselves,” in conjunction with experiential exercises and videos, will be used to initiate the participants to this intervention. Most major corporations have accepted this model for use by H.R. and EAP Managers.

The Third day of Training is Organizational Emotional Intelligence/ Anger Management. This training is designed to prepare the participant to offer workshops or presentations regarding anger management, civility or emotional intelligence a small group format. This is rapidly becoming one of the most requested interventions in anger management. This training has been conducted for Kaiser Permanente of Southern California the Riverside County Medical Association as well as the Illinois State Bar Association. Participants who attend all three days of this training will receive a free CD containing a 16 hour course on Motivational Interviewing. This in addition to the above three20days will give the participant the required 40 hours of Facilitator Certification Training.

(Each training day counts for 8 of the total of 40 hours required for Certification)       *Free One-Year membership in the American Association of Anger Management Providers

For Registration Please call: 310-207-3591

Learn to Train Couples in Emotional Intelligence/Anger Management

Start: Saturday April, 24th, 2010 , 8:00AM

Anderson & Anderson
12301 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 418
Los Angeles, CA  90025
(310) 207-3591

COST: $500.00, includes workbook,The Practice of Control, Tips for Managing Anger Booklet, Styles of Communication DVD as well as Emotional Intelligence Booklets on Empathy, Self-esteem, Assertive Communication, Stress Management, Self-aware, Personal Success System User Workbook and Post Assessments.

Anger Management Facilitators nationwide are reporting an increase for anger management by couples who may have been unsuccessful in marriage counseling or psychotherapy. In addition, there has been an upsurge in the referrals of couples by psychotherapists including MFTs, LCSWs and Clinical Psychologists and Psychiatrists.

As the Premier Provider of Anger Management Facilitator Certification, Anderson & Anderson is now offering an 8 hour course for experienced psychotherapists’ and anger management facilitators. The workshop shows you how to use practical Emotional Intelligence tools to help couples build a more collaborative and satisfying relationship. This course will specifically focus on training trainers in the assessment and skill enhancement of couples seeking emotional intelligence/anger management for relationship problems.

Topics Covered are: 1) Emotional Intelligence Assessment 2) How to provide individual and Couple feedback 3) Ten Session Intervention Plan 4) Mock Demonstration of One Session 5) Marketing Tips
Training Packet: Each participant will receive complimentary copies of The Practice of Control, Tips for Managing Anger Booklet, Styles of Communication DVD as well as Emotional Intelligence Booklets on Empathy, Self-esteem, Assertive Communication, Stress Management, Self-aware, Personal Success System User Workbook and Post Assessments.

George Anderson
Anderson & Anderson