Anger Management Guru Tops Own Record

Anger Management Guru George Anderson overwhelmed his

his audience for all three day of the internationally recognized

Anderson & Anderson Facilitator Certification in Oakland.

Anderson was joined by two of his powerhouse proteges

Yacine Bell, CAMF of Oakland and Frank Moreles, MA, CAMF

of Huntsfille, Alabama.

The Assessment Of Choice For New Anger Management Providers is BarOn EQ1

All Anderson & Anderson Certified Anger Management Anger Facilitators are encouraged to contact MHS for all Pre and Post Tests. If you or your organization do not qualify to administer and interpret  the results of these instruments, this service can easily be  provided by the Professional Staff at Anderson & Anderson.

For information on the BarOn Assessment, please contact Carrie at MHS below:

MHS, Inc

EI Divisional Coordinator

PHONE: (416) 492-2627 

Certified Anger Management Facilitator Training Is Hot!

The Anderson & Anderson Anger Management Facilitator Certification has been expanded to include two additional days of training on Saturday and Sunday in Oakland. Anger Management Guru is taking this training on a road tour which will include Oakland, Fresno, San Diego, Houston and Atlanta.

Non-profits lead the way in adding Anger Management as a new stream of income. California has cut funding for many non-profit social services agencies through out the state. Anger Management is the most realistic income stream for programs offering services to at risk youth as well as workplace stress and violence.

Take a look at who is seeking Certified Anger Management Facilitator (CAMF) training:

  • Youth Counselors, Substance Abuse Counselors, School Counselors, LCSWs, MFTs, Psy. Ds and Private Practice Psychotherapists.
  • Non profits with contracts sit Alameda County Probation Department.
  • State Parole Department Contractors who provide Reentry Programs.
  • Proposition 39 Substance Abuse Programs.
  • After School Programs for at risk youth.
  • Anger Management Programs as an alternative to school suspension for person directed aggression.
Enrollment trends for Atlanta and San Diego are trending in the direction of being over subscribed. Anger Management that is evidenced based is clearly one of the most sought after training for profit centers nationwide.
George Anderson, CAMF

Please send a note supporting Ron Artest

Ron Artest is using his celebrity status to support mental health and anger management especially for grade school students. He has initiated a campaign in Los Angeles to encourage those who have problems managing anger to seek help without feeling that they are crazy or mentally ill.

I am encouraging all of those who read this forum to visit Ron Artest’s site and offer your support in this unprecedented effort on his part.

Click here and lend your support to this effort: m/musings/article/-childhood-p sychological-problems-have-lon g-term-economic-and-social-imp act-study-finds.

George Anderson

Emotional Intelligence Reduces Interpersonal Conflict

  • To do more than survive – to thrive in a world of accelerating change and uncertainty – we need to respond well to adversity. Optimism is a skill just like listening that can be learned and perfected over time.
  • Learn and practice optimism for success: see the dough nut not the hole
  • Positive self-talk: talk yourself out of defeat. The way we talk to ourselves can and does affect our sense of well-being and our ability to motivate ourselves in the face of challenge. By being optimistic and learning to replace negative self-talk with positive self-talk, this will help to bring about a proactive and creative climate at work and help participants to be proactive and take control of themselves.
  • The art of letting go: you’ll never be a butterfly if you can’t stop being a caterpillar. It is important to learn to tackle the essence of coping effectively with change and letting go of old ways of thinking and doing. Challenging existing concepts enables the participants to understand their own resistance to change.
  • Managing unhealthy anger: you can’t always get what you want. Many people have difficulty managing anger-both their own and other people. Frustrations built up in the fast-changing workplace, where roles are not always well defined and job security no longer exists.
  • Anger usually results from frustration. Frustration results from feeling unable to control and/or improve their situation. A sense of control is a basic human need. Frustration behaves like an emotional virus, infecting everyone.
  • Increasing sensitivity: take a look at the emotional landscape.
  • In a stressful work environment, it is easy to ignore the mood and morale of our co-workers. People rarely communicate how they feel. However, being insensitive to the needs and feeling of others makes it difficult to gain their support and enthusiasm. The ability to recognize our own feelings and the emotions of those around us is a key step in developing emotional literacy.
  • Emotions bring people together. Our emotions are perhaps the greatest potential source of uniting all members of the human race. Empathy, Compassion, Cooperation and Forgiveness together have the potential to unite us as people. Our thoughts may tend to divide us, whereas our emotions, if given the chance, will unite us.

Emotional intelligence is by far, the greatest intervention for civility and

Self-control/Anger Management.

George Anderson, MSW, BCD, CAMF


Increase Your Practice Income by becoming a Certified Anger Management Facilitator

Upcoming Oakland, Ca Live Facilitator Training
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Upcoming Atlanta, GA Live Facilitator Training
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Emotional Intelligence Provides A Road Map For Civility

The real beauty of Emotional Intelligence is its’ simple, easy to understand lessons in civility including self-awareness, self-control, social awareness and relationship management. There is nothing inherent in the lessons above that is inconsistent with any organized religion. Instead, it supports the ten commandments.

Anger Management Coaching is actually Applied Emotional Intelligence in action. In California, volunteer referrals to Emotional Intelligence/Anger Management Coaching is outpacing all other mental health interventions currently is use. Precisely because it is skill enhancement rather than psychotherapy.

Emotional Intelligence should be promoted by advocates of all theoretical orientation in psychotherapy and coaching.

The fact that the results of EQ intervention can be measured for success, makes this intervention an excellent addition to psychotherapy, education, substance abuse and civility.