Domestic Violence Arrests And Intervention Is Neglected In Los Angeles

An article appeared in today’s Los Angeles Times entitled: “L.A.’s domestic violence plan lags”. The article catalogs a long list of problems in the Los Angeles D.V. services including:

  • Inadequate funding. “Los Angeles spent $3.2 million on domestic violence programs, including intervention efforts, education programs and shelters. In comparison, within the 2013-2014 fiscal year, New York spent $107.2, while San Francisco spent $4 million and Chicago spent $3.3 million on similar programs in the same period.
  • Domestic Abuse Response Teams, also known as DART, has been touted as a successful model however data from the mayor’s office showed there were only enough volunteers and money to respond to 1 out of every 30 domestic violence calls to the police.
  • While not included in this article, Los Angeles County Probation Department has approved almost 300 Batterers’ Intervention Programs, which is far more than what is needed for the low arrest rates. Many of these programs are poorly run and are routinely violating state law by mixing all types of non-domestic violence clients into these programs.
  • In contrast to Los Angeles County, Orange County only has 20 Batterers’ Intervention Programs thereby making it feasible for all providers to receive enough clients to offer viable programs. The arrest and prosecution rates in Orange County exceed that of Los Angels County.

It is hoped that this publicity will result in a change in policy and funding of domestic violence programs in Los Angeles County.

George Anderson, MSW, BCD, LCSW

Anderson & Anderson, APC

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