Individual Coaching Is The Preferred Intervention For Professionals

Individual coaching is the preferred intervention for physicians and executives when confronted with the choice of a resource for impulse control, leadership, or stress management. Physicians and executives are reluctant to risk participation in programs that are offered in groups. Any mandated intervention such as “fitness for duty”, “disruptive behavior” or “psychiatric treatment” risk career derailment. It is impossible to offer, and unrealistic to expect confidentiality in any type of university class due to the open discussion format.

There are three major providers of services for “disruptive physicians”. These three organizations are The Pace Program at the University of San Diego School of Medicine,

The Distressed Physician Program at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

and The Emotional Intelligence Coaching Program for “disruptive physicians” at Anderson & Anderson, APC.

The two university based programs above are offered four times each year and is limited to 6-8 clients. Both programs are provided at the respective universities over a three-day period. Both programs offer AMA approved Continuing Medical Education courses for physicians. Lectures, role-play and group exercises are used to teach anger management and conflict skills.

The Anderson & Anderson, APC emotional intelligence program for “disruptive physicians” is a six-month program that is private and confidential. The internationally recognized EQ-i-Emotional Intelligence Assessment is administered on-line prior to the first coaching session.

The first phase of the program is offered live in person and can be provided on-site at any location chosen by the client or at the Los Angeles office of Anderson & Anderson, APC. This intensive experience is offered over a two-day period.

The second phase of the program consists of phone or SKYPE sessions on a bi-weekly basis over a six-month period. Client workbooks, DVDs and ancillary training material are used during the six-month coaching program.

The Anderson & Anderson, APC coaching is about developing the capabilities of high-potential performers. Therefore, the Post Test is important in determining the success or lack of success for each coaching client who completes the six-month program.

If an individualized intervention is more consistent with the wishes of the client, it is best to seek individual coaching rather than academic courses.

George Anderson, MSW, BCD, LCSW, CAMF

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